David Viñolas 5ET

Pol Omedes - trumpet

Miguel Fernández - tenor sax

Joan Monné - piano

Manel Fortià - double bass

David Viñolas - drums

David Viñolas presents a new quintet project, joinning four great musicians.
Album where we find a majority of own compositions and some standard, designed and arranged by this classical quintet (trumpet, saxophone, piano, double bass and drums) working on a repertoire inspired by tradition and approaching the freshness and warmth of the formations of the 60’s, making the quintet sound in a group, without protagonists.

It’s life is intensive, energetic, worm and full of swing, keeping the audience attention from the beginning.

Nucli Trio

Guillem Plana – guitar
Aleix Forts –doublé bass
David Viñolas - drums

Guitar trio formed in mid-2018 with the intention of playing standards, looking for the sound and warmth of the formations from the 50’s and 60’s. Later, they started including original compositions and arranging some standards looking for new sounds.

At the same time, they became a resident group at the Jazz Cava from Vic, where they perform monthly inviting a different artist for each concert, creating together a repertoire designed for the occasion, influencing and nourishing eachother. A format that they have also exported through the territory. Edna Sey, Raynald Colom, Adrià Plana, Marta Roma, David Pastor, Toni Saigi or Alba Careta are some of the musicians who have gone through these sessions.

Thanks to this conjunction cause of thath, the trio has found its own path and has consolidated its modern, unique and fresh sound.

Two years later, in July 2020, the trio enter’s at the Soiart studio in Badalona to record their first album, published by the autumn 2021 with the label Errabal-jazz
Nucli trio
album recorded live, in a single session, capturing all the freshness of his speech and transmitting the sensual warmth of his unmistakable sound.


Sergi Sirvent & David Viñolas – Timbric recreations: From Mompou to Bartók

Sergi Sirvent - piano
David Viñolas - drums

These two musicians with extensive experience in many different projects met long ago. Apart from joyning in some informal sessions from time to time, they had never shared a common project, though they both would be glad to. Now, Frederic Mompou and Béla Bartók turns out to be the catalyst for this meeting.

The musician & composer Sergi Sirvent, from his time of student, has felt very close to these composers and in the way hi understands music.

Viñolas has felt attracted by the esthetic trends of the late XIX & XX centuries for years, finding out these composers who captivated him from the beginning.

The confluence and vision that both artists have of the work of these composers has led them to re-read some of their pieces and print their particular vision through the language of jazz and improvisation.




David Viñolas - drums and accessories

David, through the drums as the main instrument, shows us a very personal point, proposing an open and risky repertoire, different in each performance, where improvisation and free joyn the exploration of the drums as a solo instrument is decisive.
The repertoire is based on melodic-rhythmic lines already written, , that develops and links through sound, landscapes, atmospheres and textures, creating music without a solution of continuity. Sound, poly-rhythm, melody, silence, chaos and energy are some of the ingredients of these universe. Pure alchemy!