Albert Bartolomé - saxos
Aleix Forts - bass
David Viñolas - drums

In 2013 David Viñolas Trio borns to investigate and offer a very personal vision of music.
This is a band without harmonic instrument, where the melody, the poly-rhythms and improvisation of three musicians are equally important tools used to find new colours and textures. Swing, groove, free or collective improvisation, apart from other styles, are the basic ingredients the trio uses to provide its music.
Despite the constant evolution of the repertoire, David keeps original pieces as the main course adding also some version and standard translated to his particular musical point of view.
In 2014 publishes the album “Cap al capvespre” (Quadrant Records), that receives good fidback from the critical and toures around the Catalan geography as the Jazz Vic Festival or the Jamboree Jazz Club in Barcelona among others.
From the veginning the trio introduces small interludes of poetry in between and during its performances as a source of inspiration for some improvisations.
The trio grows constantly so the three musicians are always investigating and risking to find and offer new colours and textures. Communication, energy and talent of the three musicians make each concert different.

David Viñolas cuban trio

David Viñolas Cuban trio
David Viñolas - drums
Roberto García - trumpet
Omar González - double bass

Since young David Viñolas has felt a strong attraction for Cuba, its culture and especially the great fan of musical genres provided throughout his history.

As a student, he began playing and learning these styles with great teachers as Enildo Rasúa, Calixto Öviedo or Ernesto Simpson.

In his stage in La Havana in January 2018, he deepened into Afro-Cuban music besides Ruy Lopez Nussa and contacted the Cuban music scene.

He was invited to the 34th International Jazz Festival 2019 and joyned these  two stars of Cuban music and jazz.

David Viñolas Cuban trio does not pretend to be a Cuban jazz trio, although the elements of Afro-Cuban music are presented and used naturaly.

Re: Coletilla
The resulting music is a crossroads of a more European and Mediterranean jazz scene with the colors and warmth that Afro-Cuban styles bring to it: original compositions, standards and some traditional melody make up the repertoire, all mixed homogeneously, as if it was a delicious daiquiri.

Nucli Trio

Guillem Plana – guitar
Aleix Forts –doublé bass
David Viñolas - drums

Nucli Trio is a jazz group originally inspired by the warm sound of the classic guitar trio of the 50’s and 60’s, which has evolved towards other horizons, working more modern esthetics and sounds, never forgetting the jazz tradition.

His repertoire is composed of jazz standars and original songs by the three members of the group.

Currently Nucli Trio is a resident group in the Jazz Cava of Vic where performs monthly inviting on each occasion a musician from the territory, jointly making a repertoire designed for the occasion and nourished by his influences.

In these sessions have participated musicians like Raynald Colom, Adrià Plana, David Nuri and Marta Roma among others.

Now the group exports this format to other scenarios, inviting in each concert a local musician of the jazz scene, making each concert a unique occasion of encounter and mutual inspiration.



Sirvent & Viñolas – From Mompou to Bartók

Sergi Sirvent - piano
David Viñolas - drums

These two musicians with extensive experience in many different projects met long ago. Apart from joyning in some informal sessions from time to time, they had never shared a common project, though they both would be glad to. Now, Frederic Mompou and Béla Bartók turns out to be the catalyst for this meeting.

The musician & composer Sergi Sirvent, from his time of student, has felt very close to these composers and in the way hi understands music.

Viñolas has felt attracted by the esthetic trends of the late XIX & XX centuries for years, finding out these composers who captivated him from the beginning.

The confluence and vision that both artists have of the work of these composers has led them to re-read some of their pieces and print their particular vision through the language of jazz and improvisation.




David Viñolas - drums and accessories

David, through the drums as the main instrument, shows us a very personal point, proposing an open and risky repertoire, different in each performance, where improvisation and free joyn the exploration of the drums as a solo instrument is decisive.
The repertoire is based on melodic-rhythmic lines already written, , that develops and links through sound, landscapes, atmospheres and textures, creating music without a solution of continuity. Sound, poly-rhythm, melody, silence, chaos and energy are some of the ingredients of these universe. Pure alchemy!