David Viñolas - Centelles 1978

Born already blind, my interest for music comes early, when I begin my studies of classical piano and musical language in the municipal school of the village. At the same time I am already part of the “group of grallers dels gegants de Centelles” where I alternate snare and gralla, showing a special interès for the first.

But not having enought, being very Young, apart from being self-taught I explore other ways including classical harmony, modern music at the Taller de Músics, at the Centre d’estudis musicals Passatge, taking private classes: and drums, combo, piano, percussion, harmony and arrangements are some of the disciplines I have cultivated with great musicians as Toni Pagès, Marcelo Valente, Javier Feierstein, Alberto Cabello, Marc Vernis, José

Reinoso, Raül Reverter, David Mengual , Marc Miralta, Santi Serratosa, Joào Balào, Tapan Bhattacharya, Marko Djordjevic, Rui López Nussa, Jo Krause or Calixto Oviedo, and others. At the same time, I’m also active in several projects playing jazz, reggae, rock, flamenco, funky ETC

In my musical and personal maturity, immersed in the different aspects that drums offer me as the main instrument with which I identify myself, in February 2004 I spend a few weeks in New York and took the oportunity of training with Ernesto Simpson, Johny Almendra and Jeff Ballard.

My concern and desire to explore different fields lead me to found projects such as the drumers trio Stick in trio or the group of percussion and dance Essència, exploring jazz, flamenco, rhythm as a musical concept and more.

In my career I’ve collaborated, played and recorded with musicians and projects such as Sergi Sirvent, Marta Roma, Roberto García, Omar González, Santi Careta, Adrià Plana, Sergi Sirvent, El velda i el conjunt Badabadoc, Cobla Lluïsos de Taradell, Tarasca, Marc Cuevas, Dave Juarez, Acari Vertran , Raynald Colom, Joan Asensio, David Leiva, Joana Serrat, Raül Reverter, Etna quartet, Baraka project, Omelé, La Cava Big band directed by Marc Vernis, Kibor, Dijous paella, Dúmbala Canalla, La transfrontaliere de l’amor and many more . I’ve also worked in producing some recordings, own or others.

These and other projects have led me to tour around Catalonia, Spain, France, Andorra, Cuba, Turkey, Portugal and Austria.

Actually joyning Nucli trio, Void, Sergi Sirvent & David Viñolas.

Lead my own projects David Viñolas 5ET & David Viñolas bateria a soles. I am also active in other groups as a sideman.


  • David Viñolas – 5ET (Microscopi, 2021)
  • Nucli trio – Nucli trio (Errabal jaz, 2021)
  • Sergi Sirvent & David Viñolas – Recreacions tímbriques: de Mompou a Bartók Vol. 2 (Selffish Records, 2020) Listen Buy
  • Sergi Sirvent & David Viñolas – Recreacions tímbriques: de Mompou a Bartók (Selffish Records, 2019) Listen Buy
  • Void – Terrarium (self-edited, 2019) Listen
  • David Viñolas trio – Cap al capvespre (Quadrant records, 2014) Listen Buy
  • Blue Hole Dragons – Cafè Ska (Self-edited, 2024)
  • Col·lectiu Soroll – Violència (Propaganda pel fet, 2021) Listen
  • Feliu Ventura amb Xerramequ i els Aborígens – Sessions ferotges (Propaganda pel fet! 2018) Listen
  • Feliu Ventura amb Xerramequ i els Aborígens – Montserrat (Propaganda pel fet! 2016) Listen
  • L’Home Llop & the Astramats – Hotel Jamaica (self-edited, 2017) Listen
  • Funkystep & the Sey sisters – A matter of funk (RGB suports, 2016) Listen
  • Funkystep & the Sey sisters – Dance or Die (self-edited, 2013) Listen
  • Kibor – Panorámica Sonora (Nat team media, 2010) Listen
  • Omelé – Omelé (Kasba Music, 2006) Listen
  • Dijous Paella – Vol 1 (self-edited, 2005) Listen

  • The Upshitters -Bad place for the weak (El Paso records, 2022)
  • Una – Taller ayer (Self-edited, 2022)
  • Adrià Plana presenta Robert Nesta songs – Small Axe (self-edited, 2013)
  • Kinsky – Sunset on the Good Fight (Foreigndub, 2013)
  • El Belda i el Conjunt Badabadoc – País petit (self-edited, 2010)
  • Baraka project – Far-East (self-edited, 2008)

  • Bonobos – Animalànima (RGB suports, 2014)
  • Paparazzi – Paparazzi (Rock on, 2003)